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Blog nr 6 – Unstoppable woman, how do you become that?

I put that question to @ValérieVroome. A leading and enterprising woman, but above all an authentic woman with a clear goal in mind and a real WHY.

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Blog nr 5 – 100 humans

A friend asked last week if I had seen Netflix’s ‘100 humans’. She told me that the first episode in particular could be the subject of our next gathering (and she was damn right).

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Blog nr 4 – Transformations

As a young girl, my father introduced me to the work of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher. At that time, I was not a big fan of art nor paintings. I found them rather boring, but his prints got my attention. I was fascinated by the fish changing into birds and back into fish, at constructions that made no sense or stairs that went nowhere. I think that the mathematical side of his art got me particularly interested in his work.

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Blog nr 3 – Becoming Unstoppable

Last week, I saw this quote pass on my IG account and it hit me.  Becoming Unstoppable … reaching a state of mind where you can achieve anything you desire. If I want something badly in life, it is just having the right state of mind? Or do you need more? And how do you achieve such a state?

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Blog nr 2 – Order in the Chaos

When I train beauticians selling skills, I often tell this story about the time I got a flat tire…

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Blog nr 1 – When It all started…

Somewhere first half of March, exactly 5 years ago, I went for a routine doctor’s visit. A few exams further, I got the verdict: Breast Cancer. My luck was that it was caught in a very early stage, but unfortunately it was a very aggressive form of breast cancer. To have all the chances for full recovery, the doctors recommended the ‘full monty’: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

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