Blog nr 4 – Transformations

Stay positive

As a young girl, my father introduced me to the work of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher. At that time, I was not a big fan of art nor paintings. I found them rather boring, but his prints got my attention. I was fascinated by the fish changing into birds and back into fish, at constructions that made no sense or stairs that went nowhere. I think that the mathematical side of his art got me particularly interested in his work.

Today, I am still fascinated by his work and more in particular how science can become art and how art is not only about feelings, emotions and an expression of beauty but can be seen as a scientific project. Even if it makes no sense in a scientific way.

If I relay back to my project, I also, in a way, want to connect science (the knowledge the skin’s biology and how ingredients can influence it) to emotions such as beauty, self-confidence and self-awareness. I know from my experience and observations when we feel beautiful, we glow and our self-confidence is boosted. At that particular time, we become so strong that we can accomplish the most difficult tasks and overcome any obstacle. We are unstoppable. And today, I am not completely sure how I can connect this accurately.  I am still trying to find the right words and the right tone, to express those emotions associated with the brand.

So maybe, today, Skincare by VV is still in a transformation, just like the fish and the birds. Or maybe even I am still in a transformation from the little girl fascinated by the world of skincare to the woman that developped her own skincare line. But very soon just like the birds on the picture of M.C. Escher that, at each layer, are better defined and eventually will fly away to new horizons, the brand will also transform to become better defined, stronger and ultimately become unstoppable.

So stay tuned.