About Us

‘I don’t believe in miracles, only in results’

Our story

V A L É R I E  V R O O M E

Skincare by VV has been created by Valérie Vroome, a dermato-cosmetic scientist and pharmacist with over 20+ years of expertise in skincare. She has a professional background in skincare and worked in this sector in R&D, sales, marketing and medical affairs positions.

She grew up in a pharmacist family in Ostend, a quirky Nord sea town with a heritage in thermal bathing and wellness.

Her passion for skin and skincare started as a teenager, when she fell in love with chemistry. She always wanted to apply her passion for chemistry to skincare, but unfortunately, a lack of cosmological studies back then, and her dad – also a pharmacist – directed her into studying pharmacy. Her passion for skincare however never faded and all her professional life she searched for the perfect skin routine for herself.

Valérie Vroome: ‘My entire professional life I had an amazing passion for skin. When, during some projects, I was in contact with patients, I discovered also what psychologic effect skin problems have on people. The skin is the first contact we have with other persons. The touch, feeling and its appearance have a huge impact on our well-being and self-esteem. By understanding this psychologic impact and combining it with my scientific background, I have been the witness of numerous persons who with the correct skincare have seen their life change. This is what strengthens my passion and enthusiasm for skincare.

Why a Beautiful skin?

We believe every woman can become better version of herself. Feeling good in your skin starts with a radiant skin, and we belief that a radiant skin is possible for women at any age.

We hope that our products are a steppingstone for women to go outside and conquer the world, successfully create their projects, and realize their dreams… just like our founder Valérie did.

We are passionate about giving women the confidence they lack and the mental balance they need, as we believe that if more women had confidence, it could make the world a better place.

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We care for the planet and do everything we can to protect it.

Today our products contain 92 % vegetarian ingredients, only our milk-ferment is still from animal origin. We have not yet found – for all performing ingredients – the right and affordable vegan alternative. But we continue to search for alternatives.

Our products are locally produced in small batches to reduce our CO2 emissions. We use recyclable plastic jars & cardboard packaging.

We will continue to work hard to choose at every step the best sustainable solution.