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‘I don’t believe in miracles, only in results’

Our story

V A L É R I E  V R O O M E

My entire professional life I had an amazing passion for skin. Not only the medical part but also cosmetic aspect of skincare has always been present in my career. When, during some projects, I was in contact with patients, I discovered also what a psychologic effect skin problems have on people.

The skin is the first contact we have with other persons. The touch, feeling and its appearance have a huge impact on our well-being and self-esteem.

By understanding this psychologic impact and combining it with my scientific background, I have been the witness of numerous persons who with the correct skincare have seen their life change.

This is what strengthens my passion and enthusiasm for skincare.

A beautiful skin starts here

We understand that having a beautiful skin makes us glow, makes us radiant. In other word it builds our confidence. And with confidence we can conquer the world. For that purpose, we developed skincare line where all the needs were addressed.

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