Social Projects


For every product you buy we donate:


to ‘Little Hearts’

for the development of young women.


As a pharmacist specialized in skincare I have seen how skin has a deep impact on the self-esteem of (wo)men.

I remember, early in my career, I was attending a workshop on camouflage burn marks and scars in the face. When my model, who I had to convince for many hours to come, finally arrived I had to turn her away from the mirror while applying the different products. Her smile, once I finished and we turned here around to show her the results, is forever carved in my memory. A few days later, her husband stopped me in the street and thanked me. His wife, the evening after attending our workshop, agreed to have diner with him at the restaurant for the first time in months. This made me realize more than ever that I was on the right path.


Low self-esteem can play bad tricks with you

Also, during my life my self-esteem had some ups and many downs. As a young girl was quite tall for my age, taller than most boys in my class, and surely did not fit in with the most popular girls at school.

It was not until one of my cousins told me that I was not tall but all the others were too short that I realized that I had it all wrong. But yet I found a lot of other things that were not perfect. Even when in the eyes of my friends and family I was successful, I found every time and again things that were not ‘up to (my) standard’.

Until, a few years ago, I met a wonderful lady who introduced me to the world of personal growth and development. Each day I applied the techniques and methods she taught me, it made me stronger, more resilient.

And today I have this project, this company. Something I wanted for many years but did not dare to start.

I have seen and experienced that a lot of people and especially young women, due to a low self-esteem, don’t take the advantage of their full potential in their life, what that potential might be.

Therefore, we aim to sponsor the education and the personal growth of young women. We have carefully chosen this project as we have observed for a few years how the people behind Little Hearts manage the project and we the results they book.


Little hearts is not only a house, it’s also a home.

I met a few years ago the people behind the project ‘Little Hearts’. They provide a home to children abandoned or forgotten by their parents.

In Cambodia the lack of a social safety net leads to a lot of young parents abandoning their children to go look for a job in neighbouring countries. Their children stay behind with no future except the same fate as their parents to look ahead to. Little Hearts is there for these children, interrupting the cycle of poverty and providing them with the means to lead productive lives.

A home where children are raised until they are capable to independently start life as young adults. We want to support them, guide them and educate them into well-rounded, successful and responsible youngsters. The children go to school and take enrichment classes in taekwondo, swimming, drawing or dancing. They are involved in the daily chores around the house such as cooking, cleaning and

gardening. As brothers and sisters our children develop deep attachments and bonds and take care of each other.

At Little Hearts we are a family.

Not only we are helping those your women to study and have a diploma to have all the potential to jump-start in their adult life, but also we have engaged ourselves to give once a year a 2-day workshops in the ‘Little Hearts’ house on self-esteem and resilience. So that those young women do not only have professional skills but also personal skills to be the best.