Blog nr 3 – Becoming Unstoppable

Stay positive

‘Becoming Unstoppable’

‘Reaching that state of mind where you are so ultra-resilient and unshakable that you can operate powerfully in the world and from that place achieve anything’

Last week, I saw this quote pass on my IG account and it hit me.  Becoming Unstoppable … reaching a state of mind where you can achieve anything you desire. If I want something badly in life, it is just having the right state of mind? Or do you need more? And how do you achieve such a state?

I am of the strong opinion that you can achieve a lot with the right spirit, with a ‘can do’-attitude. I often quote Pipi Longstocking, the jolly character from Astrid Lindbergh’s book…

‘I have never tried it before, so I think I should be able to do that’.

But is that enough?

For me, there are several things that need to fall in place to be unstoppable.
The first one is your purpose.  Why in the name of … do you want to achieve that particular goal? Tony Robins explains it as ‘your WHY’. If your ‘why’ is not correctly or sharply defined, you will never achieve what you want. Take time to define why you want to achieve that particular goal and be as specific as possible.

The second one is the power to overcome the obstacles. On your path there will be obstacles. That is a given. Some will be easy to overcome and some will be damn big mountains to climb. It is how you manage the obstacles that will define if you become unstoppable. I am convinced that each obstacle is a lesson to be learned and that the universe does not through me obstacles that I cannot handle (again Pipi Longstocking J). One thing is certain, if you quit, you will be sure to never achieve your goal.

And the last one is action. If you want to be unstoppable you have to start. The best moment to start was probably last year or 5 or 10 years ago but the next best moment is TODAY.