Blog nr 1 – When It all started…

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When it all started

No wig for me, just a hat

Somewhere first half of March, exactly 5 years ago, I went for a routine doctor’s visit. A few exams further, I got the verdict: Breast Cancer. My luck was that it was caught in a very early stage, but unfortunately it was a very aggressive form of breast cancer. To have all the chances for full recovery, the doctors recommended the ‘full monty’: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

I often refer to that year as the best  year of my life. And people look at me with a lot of unbelieve and question marks when I claim loud and clear that cancer was the best thing that happened to me. Let me explain my train of thoughts before you also start to shudder.

Pink RibbonFirst of all, cancer taught me to slow down. Before the verdict I lived at an extreme high pace, running from one place to another meeting, never took time for anything. My friends called me to know where on the globe I was and to have dinner with me you had to ask many weeks in advance. That year, when I was getting more and more tired after each chemotherapy, I was obliged to stay at home and rest, just doing nothing. To be honest it was one of the most difficult things to stay home and rest, but my body was exhausted.  Today, I make myself recall regularly that during those obligatory rest the best business ideas sprouted. Secondly it made realize that my time here is limited and that if I had things that I wanted to do, see or realize, I should better start making it happen now.

The most audacious dream was to create my own skincare line. For years I talked about it but never dare to start. I had all the excuses summed up and even better I was a master in finding new excuses why I couldn’t start.

After one of my hospital visits, I bought a big note book and started writing down all my ideas for ingredients, textures, look and feel of the boxes, logo ideas, … I made mood boards, collages and had so much fun doing that that I almost forgot how sick I was… I even took my note book to the hospital to continue making notes and finetuning ideas during the chemotherapy.

Today, 5 years, later I am very proud of the first 4 products and the final look and feel of the brand. And more than ever convinced that if I did not have cancer, this brand, those products or this project would never have seen the day light.

Realize your dreams and dare to dream big.  

Valérie Vroome