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Universal Purity

Volume: 100ml

Ultra-gentle cleanser for all skin types. Discover the elegant light foaming cleanser form Skincare by VV. Enriched with jojoba oil to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Why is cleaning your skin so important?

Cleaning your skin thoroughly every morning and evening, is an essential step in your skin care routine.

If you do not remove all impurities every evening, they will continue attacking your skin’s immunity and cause mini-inflammations during the night. Even if you do not wear or only use little make-up. Your skin’s ability to restore during the night will be altered and those precious recuperation hours are waisted. During the night, while restoring, your skin will eliminate its toxins. Therefore, it is important to clean your skin before applying your day care.

Universal Purity will not only remove your make-up, but also remove all pollution and particles incrusted in your skin. Enriched with jojoba oil for a softer and more comfortable feeling after your cleaning ritual, this rinse-off cleanser is an essential step in your daily skin care routine.

Key Ingredients:

  • Syndets or synthetic detergents known also as soap without soap to clean the skin thoroughly without aggressively remove the natural skin barrier
  • Lactic acid (derived from milk) Eliminates softly the dead cells for a fresher and cleaner feeling. It hydrates and leave skin soft.
  • Jojoba oil (Natural oil from the jojoba tree). High Moisturizing and nourishing properties to leave your skin smooth