Like a Sunday Morning

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Like a Sunday Morning

Volume: 50ml

Sumptuous cream that captures the wonderful feeling of the Sunday Morning: waking up slowly and rested, taking time for a delicious and healthy breakfast.

In 2021, we won with this cream the prestigious ‘highly recommended’ label in the category: 'Best new Ultra-Luxe Skin Care product' in the distinguished magazine Global beauty.

Why is using an daycream so improtant?

With many years of expertise in skin and skin care, I have observed that most women who have a dull, unhealthy looking skin are not protecting it well during the day.

Every day your skin is exposed to many external factors, like pollution, smoke, smog, small particles, cold and heat (including air-conditioning and heating), U.V. light (even when the sun is not shining). Each of those factors are causing daily mini inflammations in the skin’s deeper layers.
While fighting against those inflammations, your skin looks dull, is fast dehydrating and signs of ageing skin appear faster or more pronounced.

In order to have a healthy glowing, rested-looking skin, it needs to be protected, hydrated and restored if aggressed.

Like a Sunday Morning contains multiple active ingredients acting in synergy to protect your skin against all damages it encounters during the day. Applied every morning, it will prevent your cellular DNA damage, will activate your skin’s immunity so it fights back the aggressions, restore your skin’s barrier function for a better protection, hydrate the deeper cellular layers and give your skin an instant glow.

So that all day, every day you look like you should do on a beautiful Sunday Morning.

Key ingredients:

  • Lactococcus ferment complex (probiotics obtained by the fermentation of Lactococcus Lactis bacteria) Stimulates the cellular renewal and eliminates dead skin cells for a glowing skin. Reinforces the barrier function to protect from external aggressions. Protects against the negative effects of pollution on the skin
  • Bifida ferment complex (probiotic obtained by the fermentation of Bifida) Prevents skin damage from exposure to UV light, Strengthens the skin's immune system. Sooths inflammation. Helps lessen skin sensitivity to be less reactive. Hydrates
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides & beta vulgaris root: Activates production of the vitamin D receptor. Improves the immediate and long-term moisturizing. Reinforces the skin’s immunity
  • Camelina sativa seed oil (from the seeds of the Gold of Pleasure): Rich in essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and has nourishing properties especially in dry skins.